We are the Sound of Choice of the Capital of KZN .We are committed to
operate a sustainable and viable community radio station that is constructively
committed to the development of the geographically founded communities of
Umgungundlovu and the surroundings ,our customers, employees ,and
stakeholders during the broadcasting of our programmes that inform, educate,
entertain, and or persuade and to strive for excellence in all that we do.
"Our vision is to be an instrument for socio-cultural and economic
advancement in the region and to be politically conscious citizens that participate
effectively in the deepening of democracy"
Value statements

This will be achieved through:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Proper information communication
  • Loyalty
  • Professional excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Purposefulness
  • Commitment

Umgungundlovu Community Radio is registered as an NPO. It was initiated in 2006 and registered as NPO of the Companies Act. The station's allocated Frequency Modulation is 107.6.The license Reference Number is CLASS/COM/R128/FEB/09. Umgungundlovu Community/1. The licence was issued according to section 43 of the IBA Act 153 of 1993.

Umgungundlovu Community Radio was conceived as a result of a need to address various avenues of development within the Umgungundlovu Community and the surroundings. Energies are directed at tackling the demand of awakening
programmes to address education, community development, socio-economic awareness, political awareness, cultural development, economic development and issues related to health, human rights-in particular HIV-AIDS pandemic, children and women abuse-or any other issue that can enhance the welfare of people in the area .This radio proposes to offer an assertive, impartial platform that shall aid the development of communities, project human rights, be beyond reproach in its integrity, and in upholding Human Dignity.

In the Republic of South Africa Community Radio was created by the new democratic government as a tool of empowerment ,specifically to uplift the community .Community radio is a professional broadcaster that has to conform to many of the standards demanded from any commercial broadcaster but it is not a commercial station since it has no shareholders. It has a different obligation to the community it serves and this can be seen in its programming content .

Community radio operates as an alternative to the public broadcast .South Africa is fortunate in that community radio is considered one of the building blocks of democracy .The nature and function of community radio sector is regulated but not controlled by the state. Community radio is participatory. It can change the behaviour of its communities and be the voice of the civil society.

The primary objectives of the station are:
  • To broadcast ,serve and be the voice of the geographically founded community of uMgungundlovu District and its surroundings.

  • To be the basic medium of ommunication of the people at grassroots level, an effective participatory vehicle to identify and to prioritise development needs at local level and to facilitate such development through exposure ,pressure discussion and debate.

  • To be owned and fully controlled by a non-profit entity and to be carried on for non-profitable purposes.

  • To bring information, education, entertainment and progress especially where the level of illiteracy is very high.

  • To broadcast programmes in local official languages spoken in the area and other indigenous languages available so as to reflect the language needs of our targeted communities.

  • To encourage members of the community to participate in the selection ,and provision of programmes that are designed to satisfy their needs ,interests and tastes .

  • To solicit, receive and hold funds from any lawful source for the purposes of the radio station and to manage ,administer and to disburse those funds in the pursuance of the primary objects of the station and for administrative purposes
  • Be funded by advertising, sponsorshisps , grants ,donations ,membership fees or by any combination.

  • To promote local talent .

  • To promote African Rennaissance , Community development and Ubuntu.

  • Facilitate training to encourage the youth in the coverage area to learn media skills and community development in general.

  • To promote equal rights , participation and opportunities for woman.

  • To broadcast programmes in local official languages spoken in the area and other indigenous languages available so as to reflect the language needs of our targeted communities.

  • To encourage members of the community to participate in the selection ,and provision of programmes that are designed to satisfy their needs,
    interests and tastes .
The secondary objectives of the station are:
  • Quality service
  • Financial discipline
  • Value addition
  • Competitiveness
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Communications
  • Brand loyalty
  • Respect and dignity
  • Co-operate image
  • Registered as an NPO.
  • Registration number is 061-470-NPO
  • It broadcasts on 107.6FM – Umgungundlovu Community Radio
  • Reference number is CLASS/COM/R128/FEB/09
  • Registered as Public Benefit Organisation with reference number 930027555
  • Income Tax Reference number is 929606118

Umgungundlovu Community Radio is located at Tembalethu Centre at
206 Burger Street in the city of Pietermariztburg in the midlands area
of the province of KwaZulu Natal of the Republic of South Africa.
It covers the whole of seven local municipalities under Umgungundlovu
District Municipality and the surroundings that includes most parts
of Durban Metro. Municipalities, Cities and Towns covered include:

Piermaritzburg,Edendale,Imbali,Dambuza,Willowfontein,Sobantu,Taylors Halt,Elandskop,Vulindlela,Northdale,Mountainrise,Glenwood,Eastwood
,Woodlands,Copesville,Ashburton,Mpumuza,Sweetwaters etc.

Hilton,Howick, Lions River,Mpophomeni,Ligeton,Balgowan, Ottosbluff ,
Fort Nottingham,Karkloof.


Wartburg,New Hanover ,Albert Falls,Mpolweni,Drumond,
Fawnlease Falls,Cool Air, Daltom,Blinkwater.

Table Mountain,Ntshangwe,Mid-illovo,Hillcrest.Mpofana-Mooi River,
Rossetta,Craigie Burn.

Durban Metro - Pinetown,Umlazi,Phoenix,KwaMashu,Verulem,
These areas are located in the midlands parts of Kwa-Zulu N atal.
This area is approximately 12000 square kilometers.